Scott Schuman


American Scott Schuman, 44, is widely regarded as the inventor of the style blog. His website is called The Sartorialist and the name is befitting. Schuman is his own walking advertisement and pairs a millimeter-precise side part with a made-to-measure jacket and pocket square. He owes his reputation as a style and trend specialist to the publication of the conspicuously elegant men and women who appear in his blog. He finds them on the streets, all over the world, especially during the fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London. He has a bicycle waiting for him in every city and sets out on it in search of suitable subjects with that “effortless style.” Around 13 million people visit the Sartorialist website every month. His stylistic snapshots receive comments by the hundred and are published widely elsewhere, confirming society’s insuppressible interest in questions of style, attitude and image. To mark its 125th anniversary, Bucherer worked closely with major watch manufacturers to develop special limited editions that are available exclusively from the company’s stores. Scott Schuman draws on his own singular interpretation of style in his comments on these very special timepieces.