Sabine Nedelchev


Sabine Nedelchev has been editor-in-chief of ELLE Germany since 2002 and in 2009 also took on responsibility for the content of ELLE DECORATION. She travels the globe, to see and feel precisely what is happening in the world of fashion, interpreting its latest codes for her readers. For her, jewelry is the most valuable, eloquent and intensive way of expressing an age and its unique style. Jewelry distills our perception of time into the minutest of spaces. Nothing is quite as concentrated as a gemstone. And that is by no means all. Jewels emit powerful signals. They convey messages, occasionally even dramas. Gemstones are the most compact bearers of complex news. Like fashion, jewelry has codes and allusions of its own. Deciphering them does not call for a degree in semiotics. It is all just a game, at least for an observer with the experience of Sabine Nedelchev. To mark the 125th anniversary of a jewelry retailer of international standing, she comments on the highlights from the Bucherer collection.