Jörg G. Bucherer

My forefathers founded Bucherer 125 years ago. Enterprise, hard work, independence and an unflagging will to serve our customers were our basic values. And they have remained unchanged to this day. Success never happens by itself. It’s something you have to want enough to work hard for. Any entrepreneur looks back with a measure of gratitude and forward with optimism and resolve. Bucherer, I can safely say, is a Lucerne success story that has gone way beyond the borders of Switzerland. Today, after years of continuous, self-financed growth, we are Europe’s largest specialist retailer of high-quality watches and jewelry. We owe our success to the success of Switzerland as a whole. Switzerland is a fantastically attractive country to live in because it believes firmly in freedom, independence and in taking responsibility for your own well-being. Our current breed of politicians, unfortunately, seems to be straying from that well-trodden path. I dedicate these jubilee thoughts with all my heartfelt thanks to our esteemed customers and to my employees, without whom the House of Bucherer would not be celebrating this proud occasion.